"Envía tu luz y tu verdad; que ellas me guíen,
que me lleven a tu santo monte,
y a tus moradas."

Salmos 43.3
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nuestro Dios sea reconocido,
exaltado y alabado.
¡ A Él sea la Gloria!
Nuestra Misión

Our Ministries

Our mission is simple: to love God and to love others.
Be inspired by biblical teaching from pastor Vanessa Wang

05 Aug, 2017


Our mission is simple: to love God and to love others.

Our Ministries

Because We Can


«Our Church is open to everyone, young and adults, children and elderly people, that can participate in charity programs and events»

Dylan Jones

«Explore the world of faith, trust and friendship. Come to our church and meet people who will help you become a better version of you»

Jennifer Smith

«We come together for a greater cause and life celebration, love sharing and reading the holy book. He is the Greatest, Amen…»

George Lee

2-3 Aug, 2018

Conference "Never Ending Love"

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